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Abernethy/Ogburn/Eichner Library Resources Endowed Fund

Gifts invested for support of the UW Libraries’ ability to enhance the access and preservation of the Library’s collections and information resources. This excludes the acquisition of materials except as a means of preserving the Library’s collections.

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James Leland Dirks, Jr. Library Preservation Endowed Fund

Gifts invested will provide support for an Information School student or students working at the UW Libraries in support of preservation.

The James Leland Dirks, Jr. Library Preservation Endowed Fund was established in July 2012 by long-time Libraries friend and champion, Lee Dirks. In Lee’s words, “It is my intention, with this endowment, to help preserve both the general and special collections of the University of Washington while enabling students to gain valuable experience towards their potential career in the library field and beyond.”

Lee was a 1990 graduate of the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the holder of an Advanced Certificate in Preservation Administration from the Columbia University School of Library Science. He was passionate about the preservation of library materials and simultaneously committed to supporting students in their pursuit of a UW Information School degree. As a Director in the Connections team at Microsoft Research, Lee worked closely with the UW Libraries on current and future issues at the heart of academic research and education.

In August 2012, Lee and his wife, Judy Lew, were tragically killed in an automobile accident while on vacation in Peru. They are both greatly missed.

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Libraries Historical Children's Literature Fund

Supports the preservation, conservation and repair of historical children’s literature materials.

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Libraries Mendery Gift Fund

Support for the activities, projects, and services of the Libraries Mendery and Conservation program.

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Libraries Senior Conservator Endowed Matching Fund

Gifts invested to support the position of Senior Conservator for books and papers at UW Libraries.

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Mark C. Pigott Library Conservation Center Endowed Fund

Gifts invested to provide support to be used at the discretion of the Dean of UW Libraries to benefit the work of Preservation Services in Library Preservation Services.

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Preservation Gift Library Fund

Support for the preservation and conservation of books, pamphlets, photographs, etc., including conservation treatment, custom fitting protective enclosures, commercially rebinding, and microfilming and digitizing photographs and books for preservation purposes.

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Thompson Family Foundation Endowed Fund for Libraries Preservation

Gifts invested to benefit materials being preserved in the UW Libraries’ Conservation Center, now and in the future.

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