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UW honors distinguished faculty for academic excellence

UW President Ana Mari Cauce and Provost Mark Richards honored more than 20 UW faculty members for academic excellence at the Faculty Honors Reception on Nov. 15. 

Faculty members were celebrated for their accomplishments, from being inducted into a national academy to receiving prestigious national or international awards.

The Faculty Honors Reception is an annual celebration to honor UW faculty members who have achieved the highest levels of distinction in their fields in the past year. With the significant limitations of the pandemic over the past two academic years, the event has been on hiatus. The achievements of the faculty members who received these prestigious awards between the 2019–2020 and 2021–2022 academic years were also celebrated at this November’s event.

The awards, inductions and prizes we are celebrating represent the pinnacle of scholarly and academic achievement,” President Cauce said. “They also reflect the incredible talent, energy and dedication that makes those honored such extraordinary and valued members of the faculty.”

The awards and academy inductions are also recognized on the Faculty Honor Wall located in Suzzallo Library. The permanent wall installation honors faculty members who receive prestigious awards and recognitions and can be honored in perpetuity on the UW campus.  

The following faculty members were honored at this year’s event:  

Academic years 2019–2020 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Ana Mari Cauce, Psychology, American Ethnic Studies, 2020
Trisha Davis, Biochemistry, 2020
Tatiana Toro, Mathematics, 2020  

National Academy of Engineering
Steven L. Kramer, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2020  

National Academy of Medicine
Elizabeth Halloran, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, 2019  

National Academy of Sciences
Christopher Bretherton, Atmospheric Sciences, Applied Mathematics, 2019 

Academic years 2020–2021 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
James A. Banks, Education, 2021
David Battisti, Atmospheric Sciences, 2021
P. Dee Boersma, Biology, 2021
Richard G. Salomon, Asian Language and Literature, 2021  

Canada Gairdner International Award
Mary-Claire King, Medicine, Genome Sciences, 2021 

National Academy of Engineering
Mari Ostendorf, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2021  

National Academy of Medicine
Patrick J. Heagerty, Biostatistics, 2020
Joel D. Kaufman, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Medicine, 2020
Sean D. Sullivan, Pharmacy, Health Services, 2020 

National Academy of Sciences
Anna Karlin, Computer Science and Engineering, 2021
Rachel Klevit, Biochemistry, 2021
Randall LeVeque, Applied Mathematics, 2021
Julie Theriot, Biology, 2021
Rachel O. Wong, Biological Structure, 2021 

Academic years 2021–2022 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Caroline Harwood, Microbiology, 2022
Rachel Klevit, Biochemistry, 2021  

National Academy of Engineering
Samson A. Jenekhe, Chemical Engineering, 2022
Anna Karlin, Computer Science and Engineering, 2022  

National Academy of Medicine
Howard Frumkin, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, 2021  

National Academy of Sciences
Elizabeth Buffalo, Physiology, Biophysics, 2022
Joseph D. Mougous, Microbiology, 2022
Jay Shendure, Genome Sciences, 2022
James W. Truman, Biology, 2022