Office of External Affairs

November 19, 2018

UW and WSU launch joint campaign to promote higher education affordability

External Affairs


The University of Washington and Washington State University have joined together for a new public-awareness campaign to promote the affordability of higher education in Washington state. The “Yes, It’s Possible,” campaign launched today with a string of joint activities designed to raise awareness of the importance and value of higher education and the higher education opportunities available to students in Washington.

“Students and their families read these headlines about the massive debt load that students are under and the exorbitant cost of getting a bachelor’s degree, and we’re concerned that they might be making decisions based on that when, in fact, our public institutions in the state of Washington are doing a fabulous job of keeping it affordable,” said UW President Ana Mari Cauce. “That’s the notion of, ‘Yes, it’s possible.’ We want them to know that if they want to go to college in our state, in our public universities and community colleges, it is possible for them to go to school and it doesn’t take crippling debt loads.”

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