Diversity at the UW


The NAAB met in 2003 and identified the following activities to support “outreach” and promote “retention” for Native students:

  • The planning and construction of a “long-house” on the campus for class space, and as a central meeting place for Native students and the community.
  • The institution of a “tribal sovereignty library” for scholarly study of the unique relationship between tribal governments and the federal government.
  • Expand and integrate Native American knowledge, history, and information into the academic curriculum.
  • Gather data and review how the University can better create a supportive community for Native American students.
  • To develop criteria and list items for a “report card” on how the University is working with Native American issues on a periodic basis.
  • Like the Centennial Accord document, draft a comprehensive and coherent policy and implementation blue print to institutionalize the University’s commitment to tribal communities.
  • To recruit, retain, and promote qualified Native American faculty and staff at the University in academic and administrative departments.
  • To continue the dialogue of Native American concerns through the Native American Advisory Board to the Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity