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Don’t ever doubt what you can do just because you are first-gen. There is a community of us rooting for you!

Julie Campos'16, '18

UW first-generation community members share their challenges, triumphs, lessons learned and advice to future first-gen Huskys. Read a collection of stories from across the UW community about what it means to be “the first.”

Share a first-gen story with us using this National First Generation Day Story Submission Form. If you have any questions, please email Manasi Mishra.


Becoming Doctor June Hairston

A First-Generation College Student Journey.

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UW Alumni Share What Being a First-Gen College Graduate Means to Them

Hear from UW alumni who identify as first-generation college graduates to share their own stories about their college experiences. Share your story, too!


What Being First Generation Means to These Students

UW School of Medicine faculty, residents, fellows and students share what being first generation means to them.

UW Medicine

#BeTheFirst: Charlotte’s journey

Charlotte Sanders, a teaching associate in the School of Social Work, shares her experience as a first-gen student in both her undergraduate and graduate programs.

Social Work

Closing the gap for first-gen students

Samantha Penjaraenwatana tells her story of empowerment as a first-generation student at UW Bothell.

UW Bothell

Becoming a CEO: A First-Generation College Student’s Journey

Chiquita Wright, an alum of UW Professional & Continuing Education, shares her story.

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