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Read some of the stories that highlight the experiences of our first-generation community.

UW Alumni Share What Being a First-Gen College Graduate Means to Them

Hear from UW alumni who identify as first-generation college graduates to share their own stories about their college experiences. Share your story, too!


What Being First Generation Means to These Students

We asked some first-generation medical students and residents at UW School of Medicine and Graduate Medical Education what being first gen means to them.

UW Medicine

Q&A: First-generation students

Q&A: First-generation students

In honor of National First-Generation College Celebration Day on Nov. 8, a few of UW Bothell’s first-gen students answer questions from Director of Communications Maria Lamarca Anderson.

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#BeTheFirst: Charlotte’s journey

Charlotte Sanders, a teaching associate in the School of Social Work, shares her experience as a first-gen student in both her undergraduate and graduate programs.


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Closing the gap for first-gen students

Samantha Penjaraenwatana tells her story of empowerment as a first-generation student at UW Bothell.

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The big leap

From the circus to medical school, first-generation student Jonathan Trejo charts his own course.

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UW Tacoma

This UW Tacoma story campaign celebrates students, faculty, and staff who are the first in the family to attend college, and the diverse experiences and strengths they bring to our learning community.

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