Corporate & Foundation Relations

Find foundation support

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Assess fit

  • Mission and vision: What does the foundation fund and why?
  • Strategy: How does the foundation invest its resources to achieve its vision? For example:
    • Technology development to enable research.
    • Basic research to advance knowledge.
    • Translational research to develop interventions, therapies, solutions.
    • Programs to deliver services.
  • Practice: Who and what has it funded in the last two to three years?
    • What kinds of organizations does it fund?
    • What portion of awards go to universities for the type of work you do?
    • What characterizes the people involved in projects the foundation funds?
    • What is the type, size and duration of awards?
    • Do recipients include colleagues you can talk with?
  • Clues in print and online: What do the foundation’s communications reveal?
    • Content — themes, focus, the foundation’s story.
    • Language — beyond content: word choices, key words, style, tone.
    • Imagery — photos, graphics, fonts, logos, other visual elements, layout.
  • Consult
    • Talk with your Advancement staff.
    • If the foundation provides a way to learn more, including talking with a program officer, reach out.

If the fit looks very strong, make contact

  • Contact a program officer if one is available to talk with you about your idea.
  • Submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) or application if there is no language to discourage it.