Corporate & Foundation Relations

Limited submission opportunities

Some funders limit the number of proposals an institution may submit within a particular funding round. In order to provide all interested parties an opportunity to present their ideas and increase the University of Washington’s chances of succeeding in such limited submission opportunities (LSO), the Office of Research has established a procedure to review pre-proposals and select concepts to advance to submission.

The Office of Research notifies deans, directors, chairs and interested staff of limited submission opportunities by email. Each notification includes the identity of the funder, the focus of the opportunity and the award amount. The notice also provides directions and deadlines for submitting pre-proposals to the Office of Research for internal review.

The Office of Research Proposal Review Committee, comprising the associate vice provost for research, research deans and the Graduate School dean, reviews each pre-proposal, meets to discuss the pre-proposals and chooses the pre-proposal(s) believed to have the greatest chance of being funded. The senior director of foundation relations, serves on the committee when the LSO is issued by a foundation. Following the committee’s review, they work with the faculty member(s) selected to help them proceed to develop their proposal for the particular foundation.

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