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Alumni, students share their Huskies@Work experience

Think finding a career is all dog-eat-dog? Not with Huskies@Work, kicking off on November 1. Dawgs are helping Dawgs with the UW Alumni Association’s job-shadowing program pairing alumni and students.

After filling out a questionnaire, participants are matched based on career field and interests. They then work together to find a time during the month of May or November to meet up, either in person or virtually. Each alum-student pair has the flexibility to create a job shadowing day that works for them. Together, they pick the date, the length of their time together and the activities for the day.

This fall, the UWAA has strengthened its partnerships with departments across campuses to reach out to prospective students and alumni who could benefit from the program. It’s all about helping students enter the career world with confidence after graduation, while giving alumni an opportunity to deepen their ties to the University and give back. So far, it’s working. Eighty-nine percent of past participants reported they felt more connected with UW thanks to Huskies@Work.

This is the fourth iteration of Huskies@Work, which has taken place every spring and fall since May 2016. To date, more than 800 successful student/alumni meet-ups have taken place, and this October brought in the the most Huskies@Work applicants to date!

Interested? Hear about the impact of Huskies@Work — directly from students and alumni who have taken part by watching the video below. For more information, contact Johnathan Luster, UWAA Associate Director of Alumni and Student Engagement, at jluster@uw.edu.