UW Alumni Tours

Traveler Testimonials

We were impressed by every aspect of the tour. This was our first tour, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the trip…We have always planned our own travel, but now have a whole new attitude about group tours. We will be back.
Randy, ’67 & Susan, ’68,  



Everyone on the trip combined to make it noteworthy. Each person adds their own spice and the fun was contagious. I have already been touting the benefits of group travel with UWALUM. It is the most relaxing, entertaining, and educational traveling I have done. I find the experience easy, fun and an exceptional value. I just wait for the perfect itinerary and sign up.

Carol, Friend of UW

We feel like we just took a UW class on the history of the Middle East. The art and sites are amazing. The UW tours are just the perfect trips for intellectually curious travelers who appreciate the guidance of an experienced tour company.
Larry, ’68 & James, ’71, ’75, ’80

UW Alumni Tours trips we have taken (maybe 6 now) have all been terrific. They have been well-organized with knowledgeable, informative, and personable guides, congenial groups, and interesting experiences. I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun on these trips.

Jo Ann & Chris, Friends of UW

As honorary UW travelers, we are always made to feel a part of the group. Your alumni are the best with which to travel. Thanks for letting us be a part of a wonderful travel program. These tours are a learning adventure incorporating seeing the world and learning about other cultures. We also appreciate interacting with other seasoned travelers and learning from each other.
John & Maria, Friends of UW 

Traveling with people with a common interest (UW) was a benefit for getting to know fellow travelers. Traveling with fellow Dawgs made me proud of the university and the connections I have maintained with it.

Phil, ’80 & Candy

So well organized, welcoming and planned out. Not to mention feeling like family. So many trips, so little time, so many choices.

Bonnie, ’80