UW Alumni Tours

Traveler Testimonials

This was an incredible trip! We loved the diverse activities, from temples to tombs to museums and hot air balloon rides to horse drawn carriages and even lunches with local farmers- a very well-rounded experience. We felt this trip was a good value, with white glove level of service.

Dave Akland, UW Friend  

It is nice to travel in small groups with people that have a common interest, such as the UW. Having the trip all planned out and entrance tickets handled as well as having the baggage handled are all very nice features.

Steve Suzuki, ’74, ’79 

Always educational to see new countries and cultures and gain insight into their history and stories. Also, to interact with fellow travelers and share experiences with them. Have very much enjoyed and benefitted from the 5 UW trips we have done and have made lifelong friends from these trips that we now travel with. Nice to have the UW connection with fellow travelers and we like the small group travel experience.

Debbie Galuska, ’73


The UW Alumni Tours groups share the joy of discovery. It is a gift to have fellow travelers who are kind and inclusive and become friends during the travel experience.

Rebecca Kerr, ’84

It was a moving, rich, and fulfilling experience that made impressions to last a lifetime. Education and new friendships make for a winning combination.

Dennis Helmick, ’66, ’70

This was our fourth trip with UW Alumni Tours, and we are always impressed with the careful planning that goes into each one. The itinerary is well planned, the hotels are carefully selected, and our fellow passengers have a UW connection.

Doug Whalley, ’68,’72