Future Alumni


With Huskies@Work, students and alums join together for a unique job shadowing program. Just fill out an application to be matched based on career field and interests. It’s offered twice a year — the fall session takes place in November, and the spring session takes place in May.

Students, you’ll get the chance to see what your life after graduation could really be like. Connect with a local alum in-person, or learn about careers outside the Puget Sound area through virtual meetings with a non-local alum. Already participated? Sign up again and explore different career paths! There is no limit to the number of times you participate.

Alumni, you’ll get the chance to share a day in your life. From meetings to site visits, informational coffees to meetings over Skype or phone call — you can show a fellow Dawg what it’s really like to walk in your shoes.

With the communications technology available today, there’s no limit to the connections we can make. Just share your interests, and we’ll make a match that’s just right for you. After a match is made, you’ll work together to find a time in the month of May or November that works well for both of your schedules.

Applications are now closed. Keep an eye open for more Huskies@work opportunities coming up!

Huskies@Work basics