Common Ground

Common Ground

Your relationship with the UW doesn’t end when you leave campus — once you’re a Husky, you’re a Husky for life. That’s one of the guiding principles of the UW Alumni Association (UWAA), an organization with a history almost as long and storied as the UW itself.

We share pride in the University that encouraged us to be curious, to question the status quo and to respect a diversity of ideas. Lessons learned in the classroom remain with us as we move through the wider world — as critical and informed thinkers, engaged citizens and independent voices.

It’s a politically charged world. But whether you vote red or blue, as UW alumni, together we represent Husky purple. It’s our common ground.

Beginning in 2018, UWAA will alert alumni to UW resources, events and programming designed to challenge our thinking, encourage civic engagement and reflect statewide perspectives. Join us in finding common ground. Here, we will think critically, not comfortably.


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