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Whether you’re searching for your first job out of college, or a seasoned professional looking to build your network, there’s a place for you on UW Husky Landing, the powerful professional networking platform for the UW community.

UW Husky Landing is open to all alumni, students and friends and provides prompts and features that help connect Huskies to each other for career support, mentorship, and networking.

Your story is more powerful than you know. Help others by sharing your experiences and career advice. UW Husky Landing is also where you can put your professional expertise to good use, by helping UW students and alumni be successful in their careers. Create your profile now to start building your network or help others build theirs.


UW Bothell and Tacoma Huskies: Connect with your campus community by selecting “UW Bothell” or “UW Tacoma” under the Campus drop-down menu at the top of page. Once there you will find connections, groups, programs and resources specific to your campus.

Explore UW Husky Landing’s features

Discover career options with career paths

There’s no one right path. UW Husky Landing helps you find roles that align with your strengths, interests and skills — less scrolling, more finding! Once you find a job or a field you’re interested in, you’ll be able to see pay ranges, watch day-in-the-life videos and even find community members who’ve been there.

Find or share job opportunities

UW Husky Landing’s jobs board pulls in open positions from some of UW’s career tools plus LinkedIn to help you find open positions, get in touch with Huskies who have worked at that company or in a similar role to help you in your research and get that interview!

Find a mentor (or become one!)

Thousands of Huskies in hundreds of industries are on UW Husky Landing. You control how often you connect and how many connections you build.

Create and grow your network

Thousands of Huskies at all career levels in more than 170 industries are already using UW Husky Landing. Whatever your career question, there’s likely somebody here who can help.

Explore professional development resources

UW Husky Landing offers tailored, step-by-step experiences to help you navigate to the next big step in your professional journey. Sharpen your skills, research potential employers and find new things to discover through the UW Husky Landing portal.

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