About the UW

Addressing letters to the UW

UW address format

Name, Title (or student)
Department (or Hall) / University of Washington
Building / Room Number
Box 35XXXX

Street Address (if there is one available.
Check the online department’s website or
ask the person you are sending mail to)
Seattle, WA 98195-XXXX

Each UW department (or building, such as a residence hall) has its own USPS campus box and ZIP+4 code. If you are sending mail or shipping packages using the USPS, you will use campus box numbers with the format above. If you are using another shipper, use the format above without the campus box number.

The best way to guarantee that you have the correct address is to contact the addressee via email or telephone first and request their address.

Most frequently requested addresses

UW box numbers

The University of Washington, in cooperation with the USPS, uses a six-digit box number format. All UW box numbers begin with 35____. The last four digits are unique to each office and comprise the last four digits of the ZIP code. UW Box numbers for faculty and staff are listed in the UW Faculty/Staff/Student Directory. UW Box numbers for departments are listed in Departmental Box Numbers.

A complete UW Seattle campus ZIP code is 98195 + the last four digits of the box number. For example, the zip code for box number 352700 would be: 98195-2700

Frequently requested contacts

Office of Admissions (Seattle undergraduate)
Box 355852
1410 NE Campus Parkway
Seattle WA 98195-5852

Office of the Registrar
225 Schmitz Hall
Campus Box 355850
Seattle, WA 98195-5850

Human Resources/Employment

Generic address for forms:  1410 NE Campus Parkway   Seattle, WA 98195

UW Visitors and Information Center

If you need additional assistance with UW addresses, contact the Visitors Information Center at 206-543-9198, uwvic@uw.edu