Undergraduate Academic Affairs

July 12, 2012

Honors Colloquium showcases student experiential learning experiences

At this year’s Honors Colloquium, presentations included students’ research, leadership, travel and service learning experiences. This new premise was designed to align with the alterations to the Honors curriculum, which incorporates each of these four elements (research, service, leadership and travel) into the new set of Honors requirements.

July 10, 2012

A detailed look at service-learning

Undergraduate involvement in public service This chart demonstrates the increase in undergraduate involvement in public service across the University of Washington through 2010-11. Service includes UW-sponsored service-learning, internships, volunteering, etc. The numbers show student-quarters; one student volunteering for one quarter = one student-quarter. Service-Learning Focused Data Number of undergraduates participating in service-learning This chart shows

This I believe: Being open to connection

In my first moment of leadership, I wasn’t trying to be a leader. I didn’t know if anyone would really get what I was saying, but I said it anyway. “My brother has paranoid schizophrenia.” It was part of a poem I performed at a poetry slam in Seattle, a poem that upon finishing, left