Undergraduate Academic Affairs

June 18, 2009

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Service Awards, 2008-09

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Congratulations and thank you!

Congratulations and thank you to these Undergraduate Academic Affairs employees who reached milestones in their service to the University.

Five-Year Service Award

Kirsten Atik, Dean’s Office
Christina Burtner, Classroom Support Services
Ruby Linsao, Jumpstart
Henry Lui, Dean’s Office
Ginger Lupori, Center for Experiential Learning
Bayta Maring, Office of Educational Assessment

Ten-Year Service Award

Kay Balston, Undergraduate Advising
Rachel Vaughn, Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center
Julie Villegas, University Honors Program

Fifteen-Year Service Award

Christopher Styron, Classroom Support Services

Twenty-Year Service Award

Joyce Fagel, Undergraduate Advising
Randy Jackson, Classroom Support Services

Thirty-Year Service Award

Nancy Hines, Classroom Support Services
Patrick O’Reilly, Classroom Support Services

Forty-Year Service Award

Nancy Tebeau, Classroom Support Services

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