Undergraduate Academic Affairs

March 11, 2009

Dream Project members lead workshop in mile high city

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Dream Project Members

From left to right: Dream project members Sam Lim, Brukab Sisay, UW Office of Financial Aid Director Kay Lewis, and Dream Project member Katherine Kleitsch.

In February, Dream Project members shared the Dream Project’s innovative two-track model for increasing access to college that combines outreach, service learning, and advocacy to address issues of opportunity and access in college admissions at the 2009 College Board Western Regional Forum in Denver, CO. Dream Team members Katherine Kleitsch, Sam Lim, and Brukab Sisay led the workshop “Giving Back: College-Based Mentoring Programs to Improve Access.”

The Dream Project’s ability to connect with universities and programs in the western-half of the United States at this forum was supported by Kay Lewis, the director of Student Financial Aid and member of the College Board Western Regional Council, and financially sponsored by the Mary Gates Endowment for Students and the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Life.

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