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April 11, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes

SAGE eGC1 Update

  • Principal Investigator (PI) Escalation Process Remediated: When PI Escalation is selected on an eGC1 Certify & Route page, the reviewer for the Cost Center Receiving Funding is now able to approve the eGC1 on the PI’s behalf in their absence.

SAGE Budget Updates & Fixes

  • Budget Navigation & Snapshot Help Text Updates: Within SAGE Budget, the left navigation menu text of an open budget has been updated from “History” to “Snapshots & History.” Once selected, additional help text clarifies the use of snapshots for Award Modifications.
  • Improved Performance on Complex Budgets: Technical improvements have been made to decrease the time it takes to load and save large, complex SAGE budgets, improving SAGE stability by reducing timeouts experienced by users.
  • Fix: Worksheet Custom F&A Saving Issues: An issue has been resolved where users were at times experiencing long wait times when saving custom F&A settings.

SAGE Awards Updates & Fixes

  • Character Limit for Return Comments Increased: When reviewers return Award Setup Requests (ASRs) or Modification Requests (MODs) to campus users, reviewers now may enter up to 1,000 characters when adding comments for return reasons.
  • Fix: Missing Workday Awards Synced to SAGE: The Workday award numbers now display for all processed award requests (Advance, Award Setup, and Modification Requests).Note: This fix was implemented as a patch on 3/27/2024 to address missing award ID reports.
  • Fix: Award PI Not Displaying on the Request List: When a PI is changed on an award, users now see the current Workday Award PI on the request list, instead of the PI at the time of the request.
  • Fix: Changing the Award Preparer Blocks ASR Resubmissions: Changing the Award Preparer while an ASR is in process no longer causes errors when attempting to resubmit returned ASRs.
  • Fix: Ad hoc Award Reviewer Events and Comments Not Saving: Ad hoc approver actions (approvals or returns) now log as event records in the Comments & History section, and reviewer comments are now saved as expected.Note: An update is still required to implement sending an email notification to the Award Preparer when an Ad Hoc Approver returns an item.

SAGE Subawards Update

  • Subaward Performance Improvements: Performance improvements have been implemented to decrease the processing time required to open and submit subawards.

SAGE Central Updates

  • Funding Entity Name Default in Admin Actions: When an Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) user creates a new admin action that is linked to an eGC1, the current sponsor name from FECDM will default, instead of the original SAGE sponsor name from the eGC1.

Award Email Notifications

  • Award Notifications Updated: Notification formats for ADVs, ASRs, and MODs have been updated to provide clarity on when action is needed and by whom.

Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • SAGE No Longer Sends $0 Rows to Workday Plans: The SAGE integration to Workday has been updated so that rows with $0 amounts will not be integrated into Award Plans. This was occurring at times when PIs were added to SAGE budgets with no costs, or when line items existed with no costs in the current period.
  • Error Handling Updated for Dependent Services: To improve SAGE stabilization, improvements have been made to error handling when external services that SAGE depends on are unavailable. This will reduce load on the servers when issues arise that prevent SAGE from retrieving data from those systems and services.
  • Required Security Updates: To keep SAGE up-to-date with security needs, the technology used for development of SAGE user interfaces (Node, Angular, Nx) has been updated to the most recent versions.

February 6, 2024 SAGE Suite Release Notes


SAGE Award Request List Filters

The following enhancements to the Filter List provide more options to help users quickly and easily find their awards:

  • New Filters: Users can now select the new “All Statuses” or “All Request Types” filters.
  • Filter Defaults:
    • When filtering “By Award” and selecting a Workday Award ID, SAGE will automatically set the secondary filter to “All Request Types,” however users can choose to select only the request types they need before applying the filters.
    • The Filter List now clearly indicates which status and request types are selected by default (default selections are blue and include a checkmark).
      • For campus users, “All Statuses” and “All Request Types” will be selected by default.
      • For the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA), default statuses will be selected for their team’s statuses only.
  • Reordered Filters: Based on user feedback, filtering “By Award” and “By Department/Center” now displays at the top of the Filter List.

The Award search label has been updated from “Application (eGC1) ID” to “Request Application (eGC1) ID,” for added clarity around which eGC1 users are searching.

Reminder: Modification requests will only display in search results when a modification eGC1 was entered on the request.

SAGE Budget Alert & Validation for 03-62 (subaward) Line Entries

As an added reminder, SAGE Budget now displays an alert that the 03-62 (subaward) line entry is for the proposal budget only. Additionally, Award Setup Requests that include 03-62 as a line entry will be blocked from submission, and users will be reminded to instead create a subaward worksheet.

December 20, 2023 SAGE Suite Release Notes


Features and Fixes

SAGE Awards

New Data in the Award Request List

The following data has been added to the Award Requests List, for quick, at-a-glance context around each request:

  • Short title (added for Modifications; already exists for Awards)
  • eGC1 (added for Modifications; already exists for Awards)
  • Cost Center ID (added for Award Setup Requests; may not appear for Modifications)
  • Principal Investigator
  • Workday Award ID
  • Sponsor Name
  • Prime/Originating Sponsor Name

Filter Enhancements in the Award Requests List

The following enhancements for filtering the Award Requests List improve performance and provide more filter-by options:

  1. Award Filter Buttons
    • To improve performance when selecting award filters, users now need to select the new “Apply Filters” button at the top of the Filter Requests sidebar in order for the filtered results to display. Users can also remove all filters by selecting the new “Clear Filters” button
    • awards filter apply and clear buttons
  2. Filter by Award ID
    • Users can now filter the Award Requests List by Workday Award ID to see all Award Setup, Modification, or Advance Requests (ASRs, MODs, and ADVs) for a given award. This is helpful in confirming if a request has already been started, or to quickly monitor outstanding items for a particular award.
    • Note: When filtering by Award ID, users will only see items that they have permissions to view per the “Access and Roles” section. When searching for a given award, users will see all results, though they will only be able to view items they have access to.
    • Note: There is a known bug where recently processed ASRs may not display the Workday Award ID in the Award Requests List.
  3. Filter by Principal Investigator (PI)
    • Users can now filter the Award Requests List by PI. This allows users to view all requests (ASRs, MODs, and ADVs) for the selected PI.

filter by award id or principal investigator

Workday Awards Now Sync to SAGE

Workday awards are immediately available in SAGE for users to create subaward and MOD requests once the new ASR or ADV is processed in SAGE. The data sync also backfills data from converted awards and awards processed prior to this release.

SAGE Advances

Update: Status Filter for Processed Advances is Reactivated

The “Processed” status filter found on the Advance Tasklist is now reactivated for users. To protect system stability, the filter had been temporarily deactivated while performance improvements were pending.

SAGE Budget

Budget Export Fields Added

Cost Center, Security Grant Hierarchy, and worksheet-level Principal Investigators have been added to SAGE Budget exports. When budget exports are attached to MODs, these details will help GCA with the required setup in Workday.

November 30, 2023 SAGE Suite Release Notes


Features and Fixes

SAGE Awards

Search Award Request List by eGC1 or Request ID

Users are now able to search for Award Setup, Modification, and Advance Requests from within the Awards section by either the Request ID (ASRxxxx, MODxxxx, ADVxxxx) or the Application (eGC1) ID (Axxxx) associated with the request. This is an exact-match search, so the full ID is required.

award request tasklist search results

Note: For modifications, searching by Request ID is more accurate, since the eGC1 associated with the request may not always be populated.

SAGE Advances

Fix: Advance Extension Requests Budget Selection

Advance Extension requests no longer require selection of a budget number or sub budget, and can proceed with submission to GCA.

SAGE Budget

Fix: SAGE Budget Contacts and Access Caching Issue

An issue has been resolved where SAGE Budget contacts and access were not refreshing properly when navigating between budgets. The system now refreshes as expected, and users no longer have to do a manual refresh to see the accurate list of individuals.

Infrastructure and Performance Improvements

Improved Load Balancing Across Production Servers

In order to better handle the volume of users in SAGE and improve system stabilization, a change was made on 11/20/2023 to modify the approach used to balance users and system calls across the multiple production servers that support SAGE. ORIS and UW-IT have collaborated on the solution and are jointly monitoring its success and stability.

Optimized SQL Server Settings for Improved Stability and Performance

In order to improve performance of the SAGE Suite applications, a review of the SQL Server has been performed, and settings have been modified per best practices. Indexes have also been added to support improved performance.

Improved Error Handling for Award Request Workflow Status Delays

When the event handling service does not return the new status for a request that is returned, denied, or approved within a reasonable timeframe, the system will only retry a specified number of times before the user will get a message to try refreshing later. This will prevent possible system issues if retries continue indefinitely.

Note: This update will go out independently of the other updates, shortly following the release.

Refactored Approach to Search and Future Filters

The technical approach to award search and filtering was refactored to address past performance issues. This refactoring supports the search feature and will yield significant improvements for users with the additional filtering coming in the December release.

July 2023 ORIS FT SAGE Modifications Release

Release Summary

  • Award Modifications (MODs): Campus and OSP can now create and route Award Modifications, and filter modification requests by request type and status from the Award Requests list. The following resources will be shared with campus:
  • SAGE Central
    • Filter Award Request List by OSP and GCA individual and/or team assignments


Release Highlights Include:

  • SAGE Awards: The new SAGE Awards feature will replace email communication and provide a seamless award setup request process
    through autofill of eGC1 and SAGE Budget data, and integrations with Workday Finance. Additional SAGE Award highlights include:

    • Award Setup Requests: The Award Setup Request process in SAGE will be used to create new awards. SAGE Budget is now required during the Award Setup Request process. Learn more about creating an Award Setup Request.
    • Award Requests List: The Award Requests list will provide a centralized look for campus and central offices at in-progress award requests.
  • Cost Centers: With Finance Transformation, Cost Centers will replace Financial Organization Codes (Org Codes) across the SAGE Suite.
  • SAGE Central: SAGE Central will provide a centralized view of awards for the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA).
  • UW Centralized Sponsor & Donor Data: SAGE will now utilize a new centralized sponsor database. If SAGE users cannot find a sponsor in the SAGE sponsor search, rather than emailing OSP, there will be a link to the new Request Sponsor Form to have the sponsor added. Once the addition is confirmed, users can select the sponsor in SAGE.

New Terms/Abbreviations

  • Award Setup Request (ASR)
  • Modification Request (MOD)
  • Advance Request (ADV)
  • Funding Entity Core Data Management (FECDM)
  • Research Integration Platform (RIP)