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The Add Comment link allows you to add an independent comment to the application at any time in the process. Clicking it opens a pop-up window containing two sections: Application Details and Comment. The Application Details section lists selected fields from the eGC1 to help you confirm that you are viewing the correct item. The […]


The following NIH Activity Codes are now supported with the addition of the Detailed Budget and Subaward Budget forms in December 2014. Detailed Budget Required DP4, DP7, G08, G11, G13, R03 (AHRQ), R13/U13, R18/U18, R21/R33, R25, R33, R36, S11, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RM1, R24, S07, U24, UH2/UH3, UM1, UG1 Modular Budget Required SC1, SC2, […]


With auto-adjusting entries, you set a period minimum and maximum amount for specific Budget Line Items. You then prioritize the line items to receive funding. SAGE Budget allocates funds based on your budget target and prioritization¬†order, with funds going to Priority 1 items first. This function is particularly helpful when you anticipate having some unspent […]