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How can I certify to the sponsor that an investigator has completed a disclosure and/or the required training?

Currently, OSP is handling all certification, both for individuals and the institution. Ask your OSP administrator to help you with this.

To locate your Administrator, use the following link:  http://www.washington.edu/research/contact-us/

How can I determine if an investigator has completed the FCOI training?

Investigators who have completed the FCOI training should receive an email upon completion of the training that can be forwarded to anyone who needs the information.  Also, if Investigators have completed the training, they will see a confirmation banner displayed in the training.

If you have access to the eGC1, you can open it and view the training status and expiration date in the Compliance Details section of the PI & Personnel page.

There is a tool available to look up individual investigators at www.washington.edu/research/topics/fcoi/individual-training-verification

 Future enhancements will include providing a report with training completion information by organization code.


The Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS) is an online system that researchers use to disclose Significant Financial Interests (SFI) related to their research projects.

Access FIDS at http://www.washington.edu/research/tools/fids/

You will need to use FIDS to

  • disclose your SFI for each eGC1 for which you are an investigator.
  • disclose changes you make to your SFI, including updating information, adding new SFI,  or deleting SFI.
  • disclose your SFI for CoMotion technology transfer or Human Subjects Division (HSD).

For more information on

Parts of the Page

To help you navigate through FIDS, learn the ten basic parts of the page.

Tip: Do not use your browser’s back button to navigate. Instead use the links and breadcrumb trail within FIDS.

parts of the page

  1. Welcome with your name displayed.
  2. Sign out link which will log you out of FIDS.
  3. Help link which will open a new window and display the FIDS User Guide and other support pages.
  4. Breadcrumb trail which you can click to return to your Profile page.
  5. Page title which indicates the purpose of the page.
  6. Section heading with a help icon to provide contextual help.
  7. Action Bar which will contain icons appropriate to the page. The Delete and Save icons appear in this image.
  8. Main section of the page, indicated by the colored background, where you might view information, enter or edit data, or click a link to add information in a new window.
  9. Page footer which contains buttons and/or links to complete this page and move to the next, or cancel out of this page and return to a prior state or page.
  10. System footer which contains links to Learning and Contact Us information.