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Changing the Administrative and Pre-Award Budget Contacts in an eGC1

Please see the more complete article on Administrative and Pre-Award Budget Contacts.

To change or remove a contact:

  1. Open the eGC1, and then click Contacts & Assign Access in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click either the Change the Administrative Contact link or the Change the Pre-Award Budget Contact link to open the personnel chooser.
  3. Enter the Name or UW NetID for the person you want to add, and click Search.
  4. To select the desired person, click his or her name. You will then return to the Contacts & Assign Access page.
  5. To remove a contact, click the appropriate Remove the (Admin/Budget) Contact? link beneath the contact information.

Note: If your eGC1 is linked to a SAGE Budget, the contacts are shared, so any changes made will also display from the Budget. Read the SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data page to learn how access information is displayed on a shared access page between your eGC1 and its connected SAGE Budget.

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