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The UW’s impact in Spokane

After several wonderful days on the road together, I bid adieu to our 31 new faculty members on the Faculty Field Tour who are continuing on their statewide tour through northeastern Washington and the Okanogan. It was gratifying to see their enthusiasm for learning about the state and to watch them engage with our various

Expanding health care in the Yakima Valley

Day two of the Faculty Field Tour found our bus heading east along the Columbia River, that precious resource for our state. As we drove, we saw the gradual transition of the landscape from forested mountains to dry rolling hills and the broad expanses of the eastern part of the state. Along the way we

On the road with the 2014 Faculty Field Tour

This week, Provost Ana Mari Cauce and I are boarding the bus for the annual UW Faculty Field Tour, a five-day trek that explores the UW’s reach across Washington state. The tour is designed for faculty members who are new to Washington and new to the university. It’s an opportunity to learn about their newly adopted

President Young on the SPU shooting

Dear members of the University of Washington Community: Another tragic shooting occurred today, this time much closer to home at our neighbor, Seattle Pacific University. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to those who were shot, to their families and friends, and to the entire Seattle Pacific University community. We can only imagine the shock and

Thank you for making the UW a leader in sustainability

Provost Ana Mari Cauce and Senior Vice President V’Ella Warren recently sent an email message to faculty, staff and students announcing the UW’s latest achievements in environmental sustainability. Below is a copy of that message. As we wrap up the 2013–2014 academic year, the University of Washington Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) would like to thank

The value of humanities in education

As the academic year comes to a close, and graduates are seeking employment or considering their next move, my expectations for success of UW students and graduates are unparalleled — not only for those leaving here with computer science and other technical and professional degrees, but also for graduates of humanities and other liberal arts

Inspiration at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

Every year, more than 7,000 undergraduates participate in pioneering research at the University of Washington. The UW’s unique focus on undergraduate research allows our young Huskies an unprecedented opportunity to work in tandem with some of the top minds in their fields.

Gifts from Washington Research Foundation fund Husky innovation

President Young recently sent an email to the University community announcing a new, generous gift from one of the UW’s biggest supporters, Washington Research Foundation. Below is the official email announcing the details of the gift.   Dear Colleagues, New opportunities are on the horizon for Huskies and the people we serve, thanks to an

Staying engaged with the UW beyond retirement

President Young and Provost Cauce recently sent an email to University staff, faculty and retirees announcing new opportunities for UW retirees.  Below is the official email announcing the new Encore program.   Dear University of Washington Faculty, Staff and Retirees: At the UW, we’re committed to finding ways we can continue to benefit from our

Celebrating faculty excellence

President Young recently sent an email to the University community announcing new research funding initiative, the Innovation Awards. Below is the official email announcing the details of the initiative.   Dear Campus Colleagues, Breakthroughs occur every day in laboratories and classrooms across our campuses as Huskies work to tackle some of the world’s most intractable

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