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Addressing the Latest State Revenue Shortfall

Dear Members of the University of Washington Community: The condition of the Washington economy and the revenue it generates in state taxes continue to concern everyone watching the state budget. All of us at the University are still dealing with the aftermath of the 2009 legislative session and the budget cuts resulting from a historically

2009 President’s Annual Address

University of Washington President Mark Emmert gave his annual address to the university community on Oct. 13, 2009. Watch the video »

Office Hours: Fall 2009

UW President Mark Emmert discusses financial planning for the future, exciting news about research over the summer and the dedication of a new memorial to honor UW’s eight Medal of Honor recipients. Watch the video »

Novel H1N1 Influenza Virus Preparations

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff: As we approach the start of the new academic year, we are beginning to experience a resurgence of the novel H1N1 influenza virus, much as was expected. As has been reported in the news, colleges and universities across the country have had outbreaks of the virus as classes began. While

Latest state revenue forecast

Dear Members of the University of Washington Community: The news today from Olympia about the further decline in state revenues is another sign that the economic recovery will be difficult and slow. While today’s revenue forecast will not mean further cuts at this time — a scenario hard to imagine, given what we are going

Your ideas for saving money and finding efficiencies

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students: Over the last several months, people from across our campuses have submitted many valuable cost-saving suggestions to help our University weather the economic downturn. I am deeply appreciative of all those who have taken the time to share their thoughts and ideas. I write now to update you on the

The 2009-11 state budget for the UW

Dear students, faculty and staff: Over the weekend, the Legislature completed the unenviable task of writing and passing a biennial budget during the worst economic period in decades. Any budget that must bridge a biennial shortfall of $9 billion is bound to please no one and to result in serious consequences for the state. For

The state budget and UW tuition

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff: By now most of you have heard about the potential need to increase tuition because of the severe cuts in our state support. I am writing to clarify why this may need to happen and to explain the potential impacts. Nobody, certainly not me, likes to raise tuition. We support

President’s Bothell Town Hall meeting, April 14: State of the UW budget

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students: All members of the University of Washington Bothell community are invited to join me on Tuesday, April 14, for a town hall meeting on the University’s current budget situation. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss where we are in the state budget process, the implications of pending budget cuts,

Office Hours: 2009 legislative session

UW President Mark Emmert talks about the 2009 Legislative session and challenges the state and higher education face in this time of economic turmoil. Watch the video »

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