Office of the President

April 24, 2016

2016 YWCA ‘Inspire Luncheon’ keynote address

University of Washington

It’s an honor to be here in support of an organization that has such a profound and positive impact on the communities it serves across Seattle and in King and Snohomish counties. The YWCA has a mission that couldn’t be clearer: To eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

April 22, 2016

‘Distinguished Lecture on Diversity in Higher Education’ at University of Delaware’s Center for the Study of Diversity

University of Washington

[The University of Delaware’s Center for the Study of Diversity holds an annual Distinguished Lecture on Diversity, delivered this year by President Cauce. Remarks as prepared for delivery.] Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be here, or really, to be back here, at the University of Delaware, where I taught in the 1980s…

April 19, 2016

Update on the UW Race & Equity Initiative

Ana Mari Cauce

When I launched the Race & Equity Initiative almost a year ago, I noted that these were difficult times for those of us who view diversity and equity as core values, who believe in justice and fairness, and who are committed to making this an inclusive and openhearted campus for all. Many of our students,…

April 14, 2016

Open forum with Jerry Baldasty, preferred candidate for provost

Office of the President

President Cauce has announced that Jerry Baldasty, interim provost for the past 13 months, is the preferred candidate for UW provost and executive vice president. Read her message to faculty, staff and students about his selection and a public forum on April 26. The forum is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. at the Henry Art Gallery…

March 31, 2016

Seeking your feedback on hosting Tent City 3

Ana Mari Cauce

Our city is facing a crisis. Thousands of our neighbors are forced to make their homes in doorways or under bridges since they lack affordable housing. Consistent with our public mission, the University of Washington has been seeking solutions to the homelessness crisis through scholarship and service. But we have an opportunity to do more….

March 17, 2016

The future arrives for thousands of students

Ana Mari Cauce

All around Washington and points beyond, several thousand high school seniors are experiencing the thrill of receiving a gold envelope — what some students have started calling the “golden ticket” — in the mail. It’s their future arriving, in the form of a letter announcing that they’ve been admitted to the University of Washington. This…

March 7, 2016

Making disruption a force for good

Office of the President

President Ana Mari Cauce, writing in the March edition of Columns, said the UW’s commitment to the public good aligns with its ranking as the most innovative public university in the world. She also touted the power of inclusive innovation and said homelessness is exactly the sort of challenge that cries out for inclusive innovation….

February 24, 2016

University of Washington and Gonzaga University Announce UW Medical School Partnership

Ana Mari Cauce

I’m very pleased to share an exciting announcement with you today. The University of Washington and Gonzaga University have signed an agreement to enhance and expand medical education and research in Spokane. Together with Gonzaga, we will educate the next generation of health professionals and enhance the health, well-being and prosperity of the entire region….

February 16, 2016

You’re having an impact

Ana Mari Cauce

Each of us came to the University of Washington for different reasons, but what unites us is a desire to contribute to our world. We do that by helping prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators, by serving our community and caring for our neighbors, and through our creation of new knowledge and ideas….

January 21, 2016

Update from Olympia

Ana Mari Cauce

State policymakers are in the second week of their 60-day legislative session, and this week I traveled to Olympia to meet with them. While not my first trip to Olympia, this was a special visit, as it was my first as President. My goal was both to thank our elected leaders for the significant support…

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