Office of the President

November 21, 2018

Giving thanks, and hoping for a bright future

Ana Mari Cauce

In this season of thanks, throughout our nation, and here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s worth remembering that we live in a landscape and time of contradictions. We are surrounded by the natural beauty of mountains, waters and forests and we are home to a culture of innovation creating prosperity and incredible advances in science, technology, medicine, music and art. We have much to be grateful for.

Yet, we cannot and should not forget these lands were wrested from the Coast Salish peoples, and our region’s vibrancy and growth has also spawned jarring displacement and inequality. There is lava beneath the snowcapped mountains, fault lines beneath our oceans, and just south of us, the forests are on fire and thousands have lost their homes.

My hope is that together we create a tide that lifts boats large and small, that will increase health and well-being for all, and that reduces inequities. My hope is that, at a time of national polarization and divisiveness, we will work harder to build bridges, to lift each other up, to work for justice, champion empathy, ensure access to educational opportunity, and to be good environmental stewards. These are precarious times, but there is also much good fortune – let’s work together to share it.

I wish you all happy holidays and hope you have much to celebrate.

A version of this post was prepared in response to an inquiry from Puget Sound Business Journal columnist Patti Payne.