Office of the President

October 25, 2016

Announcing a transformative gift for the UW’s Population Health Initiative

Ana Mari Cauce

The University of Washington is among a small subset of institutions equipped to tackle the health challenges we face on a global scale. That’s why in May I called upon our community to make improving health and well-being a priority through the creation of a 25-year population health vision.

I am humbled to announce that the UW’s Population Health Initiative has received a transformative gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – a gift that will accelerate our work to improve human health, environmental resiliency, and social and economic equity here and around the world.

Our population health vision is inspired by the tremendous work taking place across our University, and in cooperation with many local and global partners. This generous, $210 million gift will serve as a catalyst for that vision, funding construction of a new building that will house several UW units working in population health and serve as a hub for collaboration across a range of disciplines – from the health sciences to education, engineering, environmental sciences, law, the arts, humanities, social sciences, business and beyond.

We believe we have a moral imperative to bring together the tremendous knowledge and resources of the UW and the Puget Sound region, and channel them towards improving health and well-being in Washington and around the world. That is the goal of the Population Health Initiative, and of our Be Boundless – For Washington, For the World campaign. Together with you, and with the support of our partners, we will achieve our vision of healthy people, living on a healthy planet.

“Melinda and I are pleased to make this investment in the University of Washington to help dramatically accelerate their 25-year vision to achieve positive health outcomes for populations around the world.”

– Bill Gates


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