Office of the President

October 20, 2016

A message to faculty & staff: You make the UW what it is

Ana Mari Cauce

Today, Provost Jerry Baldasty and I were very pleased to take the opportunity to tell all the dedicated UW faculty and staff just how important they are to the University, to our students’ success, and to the impact – near and far – that we have as an institution. Below is our message, which we think is worth sharing more broadly.

Dear UW Faculty and Staff,

You are no doubt aware that this Friday, the University of Washington will celebrate the public launch of its most ambitious philanthropic campaign.

This celebration is really about the work YOU do! You make the University of Washington the special place that it is.

You have educated and supported generations of students, increased the world’s collective knowledge and understanding, and made our campuses and our state better places to live through your work, your service and your generosity. From educating the next generation of change-makers to Nobel Prize–worthy research, you inspire not only your students and your colleagues, but also our many alumni and friends who support our University’s grand mission. To put it simply: People here and throughout the world invest in our University because of their confidence and heartfelt belief that the work that you do makes our world better. Their investments in research and teaching, academic programs, scholarships, fellowships and facilities in turn expand your capacity to make a difference and pursue excellence. This partnership, this collective good, is essential and truly remarkable in its scope and impact.

For all of this and the many other contributions you make every day, we thank you. And this Friday we look forward to celebrating all the ways you impact our University and our world.

With our sincere gratitude,

Ana Mari and Jerry