Office of the President

May 12, 2014

Staying engaged with the UW beyond retirement

Office of the President

President Young and Provost Cauce recently sent an email to University staff, faculty and retirees announcing new opportunities for UW retirees.  Below is the official email announcing the new Encore program.


Dear University of Washington Faculty, Staff and Retirees:

At the UW, we’re committed to finding ways we can continue to benefit from our “brain trust” of UW retirees and soon-to-be-retirees. We want to create opportunities for post-midlife adults, including our faculty, staff, retirees, alumni and friends, so that they can continue to make a positive difference in fresh ways that make best use of their accumulated skills and experience. With this commitment in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of the UW Encore Initiative.

The UW Retirement Association (UWRA), with a grant from, is partnering with the UW Alumni Association and University Advancement to develop guidelines and create opportunities for retirees to engage in community service for the greater good. This partnership began identifying pathways on and beyond our campuses to engage members of the UW family in Encore—an organization founded to support individuals to transition from a first career into a second act.The UW is the first four-year university in the country to support the creation of this initiative for all of our constituents, and opportunities to participate are under way. Our first campus Encore workshop recently concluded with an attendance of more than 70 (and a waiting list!).

We invite our leaders to join with the UW Encore Initiative to help our retirees find ways to stay engaged, give back and make the world a better place. Expanding our service through the UW Encore Initiative will be challenging and exciting. It will mean thinking creatively about how to engage highly skilled older adults. It also will enable the University to build stronger relationships with the communities beyond our campuses.

Please watch for further information from the UWRA about Encore-related workshops, websites and other opportunities as this initiative unfolds. And thank you to all of our staff, faculty and retirees for your service to the University—past, present and future.


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Michael K. Young Ana Mari Cauce
President Provost & Executive Vice President