Office of the President

May 5, 2014

Recognizing our retirees, Husky style

Michael K. Young

Call it a commencement of a different sort.

Earlier this week, we honored this year’s “class” of UW retirees, faculty and staff members who have retired in the past year. Each of our retirees has been an essential contributor to making this University an outstanding place. And between the 475 people honored in this diverse group, they have collectively served the University for a combined total of 10,276 years. Now, that’s dedication to the Husky Nation!

The UW continues to be committed to our retirees. We urge them to continue their involvement with the UW community with opportunities for engagement through our new UW Encore Initiative. has provided a grant to the UW Retirement Association to lead the way. Our first campus Encore workshop recently concluded (with an attendance of more than 70 — and a waiting list!). The UW is the first university in the country to support the creation of this initiative to all of our constituents, including retirees.

We are deeply grateful for the careers our faculty and staff have dedicated to the UW, sustaining and adding to the excellence of this institution. On behalf of the UW, thank you to all of our retirees in the “class” of 2014.

Photo from May 12, 2014, UW retiree reception

President Michael K. Young greets guests during the UW retiree reception.M Levin/U of Washington