Office of the President

March 26, 2014

Record Washington in-state admissions

Michael K. Young

New Huskies

Though most high-school seniors these days are glued to their smartphones, this is the time of year when they pay a lot more attention to the mailbox, waiting anxiously for letters of acceptance from colleges. The UW’s letters began arriving Saturday, March 15, and it’s been heartwarming to see the enthusiastic response from future Huskies, like the ones in the photo below and on the New Huskies 2014 website. Those from Washington state will be in familiar company: This year has seen one of the largest numbers of in-state high school seniors admitted in the UW’s history.

We look forward to welcoming these potential new Huskies and their parents as they visit our campuses between now and the decision deadline on May 1. I have very high hopes for the UW Class of 2018!