Office of the President

March 12, 2014

Helping UW students prepare for life after graduation

Michael K. Young

Amid the national debate on the value of a college education, the UW is working hard to improve the Husky Student Experience in ways that help our students prepare to succeed after graduation, in careers and in life, even as the world is changing rapidly around us.

Our first report in a series about the UW’s efforts, Helping UW Students Prepare for Life after Graduation: It Takes All of Us, stresses the following points:

A UW education is a major … and more.

For UW graduates to be ready for a complex, demanding world, UW students need intellectually challenging majors, and they need broad skills to translate that knowledge into the workplace.

It takes a whole campus to support student success.

Ongoing conversations across all three campuses show a growing consensus on the importance of integrating curricular and co-curricular learning so students graduate with a major … and more. This will help students build the intellectual and collaborative skills that enable personal success and civic engagement.

We’re well under way, but there’s more to be done.

Many UW groups and individuals already excel at meeting these goals; this report shares some of their stories. However, we must do more. Helping our students prepare for the world—and prepare to change the world—is our shared work. Indeed, it is our responsibility.

Reading this report will provide you with a deeper understanding about why this is a priority and what our goals are to prepare students to contribute to a healthy society and vibrant economy and to live a productive life.