Office of the President

January 19, 2010

Office Hours: Winter 2010

University of Washington

VideoAs a new decade, a new academic quarter, and a new session of the State Legislature begin, more difficult decisions await higher education in Washington state. In the latest edition of Office Hours, UW President Mark Emmert offers his perspective on the 2010 legislative session and what’s at stake for the UW. Watch the video »

  • Malik Davis

    Dear President Emmert-
    Malik Davis here at the UWAA. Just had my second daughter in December. Both on track to be Huskies for sure.
    QUestion: Why doesn’t UW Benefits not offer payroll deduction for Washington GET program? Is there anything you can recommed that can be done to help this process along? Seems like a disconnect that UW payroll does not offer UW employees ability to save to send own children to UW?
    Malik Davis