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Office Hours: Fall 2009

VideoUW President Mark Emmert discusses financial planning for the future, exciting news about research over the summer and the dedication of a new memorial to honor UW’s eight Medal of Honor recipients. Watch the video »

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  1. annika says:

    When looking at the basic needs of humans we first consider food above everything else. 3 times a day all 40,000 students within the university are consuming food. Lets save money by growing our own food. The UW farm and pea patches are a terrific solution. On top of that solution, they use biodynamic and organic techniques that are preserving and enriching the soil so that year after year they can continue growing healthy food. In addition if students eat organic food, void of pesticides and other chemicals, they will feel better in their bodies and minds and perform better in school. It is a win win win situation! thank you for considering my comment.
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