Office of the President

March 16, 2009

Answers to questions from the Blog

University of Washington

Below are excerpts taken from the March 3rd President’s Town Hall discussion held on the UW campus. Click on the “read more” link on this post for more video responses.

1. How are the University’s budget decisions made?

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How did we get into this mess?

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How is the University responding to the budget challenge?

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Why can’t we use the endowment to help us out?

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How is the Athletic Department funded?

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Is this really a good time to renovate Husky Stadium?

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  • Michael Aly

    As a cost saving mechanism to explore, the possibility of having a voluntary program to allow the use of leave without pay for professional staff. I realize that bargaining units and faculty senate restrict what options might be available for these programs, but even the ability to volunteer one day a month of leave w/o pay by a senior level professional staff person could provide significant savings to departments to help them manage without lay-offs. This would require a univisity implementation to allow it, but Pro Staff receive raises when others don’t, so why not have a mechanism to allow some voluntary leave w/o pay without having to use paid leave first?

  • Jessica Robinson

    A group of 5-7th graders wonders why the UW football team can’t arrange to share Qwest field with the Seahawks, in lieu of building a new UW stadium. Perhaps they have a point.

    Clearly the reason the stadium is such a public relations problem is that while rebuilding might be good for UW, it is not a priority for taxpayers who do understand tradeoffs in the use of public funds (… and don’t see the need for 2 huge stadiums just 4 miles apart, both only to be used a handful of days each year). Clearly, tax payers believe there must be better uses of their funds right now (whether they go to UW or not), and rely on public officials to make that happen. The public relations problem is only a problem for UW who wants to use public money in ways the public doesn’t want it used.