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UW experts on forest fires and forest ecology

Some of the researchers who can talk about forest fires, particularly those affecting the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada this summer. Also see a list of climate scientists and weather experts.

Ernesto Alvarado
Research associate professor, environmental and forest sciences
alvarado@uw.edu | 206-616-6920 | Web
Expertise: Forest fire ecology, fire management, prescribed fire, smoke emissions, climate change, tropical forestry, landscape, international forestry, modeling

Jerry Franklin
Professor, environmental and forest sciences
jff@uw.edu | 206-543-2138 | Web
Expertise: Forest ecology, landscape ecology, disturbances, old-growth and forest management

Jessica Halofsky
Research ecologist, environmental and forest sciences
jhalo@uw.edu | 541-231-9732 | Web
Expertise: Forest ecology, fire ecology and climate change (ecological effects and adaptation).

Brian Harvey
Assistant professor, environmental and forest sciences
bjharvey@uw.edu | 206-685-9929 | cell: 650-521-1988 | Web | Twitter: @Brian_J_Harvey
Expertise: Forest ecology, landscape ecology, forest disturbances

Dan Jaffe
Professor, atmospheric and environmental chemistry, UW Bothell
djaffe@uw.edu | 425-352-5357 | Web
Expertise: Particles in wildfire smoke

Morris Johnson
Research fire ecologist, U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory; and UW affiliate professor
mcjohnson@fs.fed.us | 206-732-7852 | Web
Expertise: Fire ecology, fire effects and behavior, fuel treatment effectiveness, simulation modeling, bark beetles, climate change

Maureen Kennedy
Assistant professor, quantitative fire ecology and forest management, UW Tacoma
mkenn@uw.edu | 253-692-4981 | Web
Expertise: General regional fire issues, strategies to reduce fire fuels, reducing fire hazards and impacts on wildlife and homes

Cliff Mass
Professor, atmospheric sciences
cliff@atmos.washington.edu | 206-685-0910 | Web
Expertise: Atmospheric conditions favoring wildfires

Don McKenzie
Research ecologist, U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; and UW professor, environmental and forest sciences
dmck@uw.edu | 206-732-7824 | Web (email is fastest)
Expertise: Forest ecology, fire ecology, landscape ecology, climate change

Dave Peterson
Professor, environmental and forest sciences; Retired senior research biologist, U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
wild@uw.edu | 360-422-5735 | Web
Expertise: Fire ecology, climate change, general forestry issues

Susan Prichard
Fire ecologist, environmental and forest sciences
sprich@uw.edu | 509-341-4493
Expertise: Fire ecology, climate change and fire, wildfire management, fuel treatment effectiveness, dry forest restoration, changing landscapes (legacies of fire exclusion, recent wildfires and climate change). Prichard is based in Washington’s Methow Valley.

Sverre Vedal
Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, UW School of Public Health and
Attending Physician, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic, Harborview Medical Center
svedal@uw.edu | 206-616-8285| Web
Expertise: Air pollution (and wildfire) health effects; Composition of wildfire smoke pollution
*Note: Spends Oct/Nov. in China