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January 20, 2012

‘Beyond the Ivory Tower offers latest on communicating science

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A panel discussion Monday on “Broader Impacts: What do Funders Really Want?” is the first of six presentations on sharing University of Washington research with the general public and satisfying funding agency requirements.

Today many funding agencies require scientists to identify and share the impacts of their work with society.

“In the present funding climate, the National Science Foundation and other federal agencies are being pushed by Congress to justify the societal value of research dollars,” said Fritz Stahr, UW oceanography researcher and principal investigator with the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence – Ocean Learning Communities, which is a partnership of the UW School of Oceanography and College of Education and the Seattle Aquarium.

The organization and Washington Sea Grant, based at the UW, are sponsors of the “Beyond the Ivory Tower,” seminar series. Admission is free and refreshments will follow each presentation.

Mondays panel discussion, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., at the Foege Building auditorium, includes insights from Penelope Dalton with Washington Sea Grant, Russ McDuff and Susan Huatala from the UW School of Oceanography and Daniel Schindler from the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Other seminars during winter and spring quarters will cover topics ranging from translating research for K-12 audiences to sharing your science with decision makers to why researchers should bother with social media. Speakers include experts from both on and off campus.

This series is available for one credit through “Communicating Climate Science Seminar: Messaging Your Science,” (PCC 593) ATM S/OCEAN/ESS 593.

For more information please contact: Raechel Waters, Washington Sea Grant, rlwaters@uw.edu or Susan Bullerdick, Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence – Ocean Learning Communities, coseeolc@uw.edu.