UW Commencement

Guest disability accommodations

When graduates fill out the Registration/Order Form in May they will be asked about any disability accommodations they might need. They will then be contacted by the Disability Services Office and arrangements will be made to assist them as necessary for the Commencement Ceremony at Husky Stadium.

Certain sections of the stadium have been reserved for guests with special needs and students may order tickets for these sections when they fill out the registration/order form.

Wheelchair seating

Reserved wheelchair seating will be available at Husky Stadium. Students will be able to order tickets for individuals in wheelchairs and their attendants (one attendant per disabled guest) when they fill out the registration/order form. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no wheelchairs available for use at Husky Stadium.

Mobility impaired seating

Special seating sections will be reserved for individuals who might have difficulty with stairs. (View Seating Map) Rows of seats are reserved that can be accessed with a minimum of stair climbing. Graduates can order seats in these sections when they fill out the registration/order form.

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter

Section 104, Rows 1-3, will be reserved for individuals who would like an ASL interpreter and their guests. (View Seating Map) Students can order tickets for this section when they complete the online registration/order form.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive Listening Devices will be available for those who need them. No tickets are required for these devices, however, students should reserve them when completing the registration/order form so that enough devices will be on hand the day of the event.

Disability parking

Disability parking will be available in lots closer up to the stadium. Graduates will be able to pre-purchase parking in these lots when they fill out the registration/order form starting May 2.

Disability drop-off

There will be a special disability drop-off location just north of the stadium in front of the Tubby Graves Building.  Access to this lot is only available from the northbound lanes of Montlake Blvd. Please note that this location will be closed for approximately 30-45 minutes following the ceremony to allow traffic to dissipate.  It will then be possible to pick up disabled guests at this location.

Disability parking for events on-campus

For information about disability parking for celebrations taking place on campus visit the parking page.