UW Commencement

The Commencement Registration/Order form, which is filled out by all graduates attending Commencement, has special sections in which graduates can tell us about any disability needs they or their guests may have.  Disability accommodations available for guests are explained on our Disability Accommodations page. Graduates will be asked about guest accommodations when they fill out the registration/order form.

At Commencement

Accommodations available to graduates attending Commencement at Husky Stadium include

  • sign language interpreters
  • assistive listening devices
  • wheelchair seating
  • mobility impairment assistance

The registration/order form also allows graduates to tell us about any other accommodations they might need (e.g., as a result of recent injury, pregnancy).

Once the form has been filled out, the graduate will be contacted by Disability Resources for Students to make sure their needs are met.  Graduates who need assistance can make arrangements to meet with access marshals when they enter the student lineup area at Husky Stadium on Commencement Day.

There are two faculty and disabled student entrances to the lineup area – one on the north, one on the south – that may be used students with disabilities, if they wish. They can be seen on the map show here.

At Other Ceremonies

There are over 100 School, College, Departmental, and school group graduation ceremonies/celebrations that take place on campus.  Nearly all of them take place the week before graduation. Graduates will be asked which ceremonies they are attending when they fill out the Registration/Order form. Graduates needing assistance will then coordinate with Disability Resources for Students and with those in charge of the ceremonies they are attending to make sure any access needs are met.

Planning Ahead

Graduates needing assistance for themselves or their guests are encouraged to contact the Office of Ceremonies at any time to discuss how we can help make Commencement at Husky Stadium and all the graduation ceremonies on campus joyous experiences for everyone!