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Week at a Glance June 8-12

Monday, June 8th ·        Senate resumes consideration of HR 1256, Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.  A cloture vote on a substitute amendment to the bill is expected.  ·        The House will take up several measures under suspension of the rules. HR 1736 — International Science and Technology Cooperation    Act of 2009 HR 1709 — STEM

Week at a Glance on Capitol Hill June 1-5

Congress returns this week for a four-week stretch in which Democratic leaders hope for quick progress toward writing the 12 regular appropriations bills and plan to push ahead on sweeping global warming and health care legislation. Monday, June 1 Senate reconvenes at 2 p.m. and will begin consideration of the motion to proceed to a

The Week at a Glance May 11-15

The Senate will consider a bill to impose new regulations on the credit card industry. Later in the week, the House is expected to vote on bills to overhaul the Pentagon’s acquisition system, to provide school construction and modernization, and a fiscal 2009 war supplemental appropriations bill.

This Week on the Hill: May 4-8

TUESDAY AND REMAINDER OF THE WEEK House Convenes 10:30 a.m. Tuesday; 10 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday. No votes expected Friday. Under suspension of the rules: HR 774 , HR 1397 , HR 1271 — Facility namings H Res 299 — Honoring public servants H Res 382 — Charter Schools Week H Res 338 — Community

This Week on the Hill

April 27-May 1 The newest member of the House, Scott Murphy, D-NY, is expected to be sworn in early in the week. This Week in the House Under suspension of the rules: H Con Res 99 — Early educator wages H Res 335 — National Volunteer Week H Res 344 — NCAA women’s basketball HR

The Week at a Glance: March 30-April 3, 2009

March 30- April 3- House and Senate to debate and vote April 3 on the fiscal 2010 budget resolution. March 30 – House to debate and vote on national service legislation (HR 1388). March 31 – Election in New York’s 20th District to replace Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. April 1-3 – House to debate and vote

The Week at a Glance: March 23-27, 2009

March 23-27 — Senate is expected to debate and vote on national service legislation (HR 1388). March 25 — House and Senate Budget committees are likely to mark up their respective versions of a fiscal 2010 budget resolution. March 25-26 — House is expected to debate and clear public lands legislation (HR 146). In the

The Week at a Glance: March 9 – 13, 2009

The Senate will vote Monday evening on amendments to the fiscal 2009 omnibus spending package, with a new goal of finishing the bill by Tuesday. The Senate Finance Committee holds confirmation hearings on the nomination of Ron Kirk to be U.S. trade representative. Later in the week, the Senate may turn to a House-passed bill

The Week at a Glance: March 2-6, 2009

The Senate will spend most of the week on the fiscal year 2009 omnibus appropriations package. The House is expected to take up a package of mortgage-related provisions that was delayed last week, as well as a bill that would expand House membership for the District of Columbia. On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The Week at a Glance: February 23-27

The Senate reconvenes Monday for a reading of President George Washington’s farewell address. Freshman Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., will do the reading. On Tuesday, President Obama will address a joint session of Congress. The Senate will also consider the nomination of Rep. Hilda L. Solis , D-Calif., to be secretary of Labor. For the remainder

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