Federal Relations

September 30, 2015

Shutdown Averted

Earlier this morning, the Senate passed a clean continuing resolution (CR) extending federal funding authority until December 11th. Last week, the Senate tried and failed to pass a CR which would prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds. The measure failed, which cleared the way for the clean CR.

Just now, the House cleared, 277-151, a two-month stopgap spending bill on Wednesday that will avert a government shutdown. Earlier, the Senate passed the measure 78-20. The bill, which will keep the government funded through Dec. 11, is expected to be quickly signed by President Barack Obama.

The measure was approved only with strong support by House Democrats — a sign of just how angry rank-and-file Republicans remain. In one last display of their fury, House Republicans on Tuesday adopted another resolution to cut off government financing to Planned Parenthood. The resolution was to be sent to the Senate, where Democrats were certain to block it.