Federal Relations

May 9, 2012

ARPA-E Director Majumdar Resigns

Today, Acting Undersecretary and ARPA-E Director Arun Majumdar announced that he will be resigning his role as Acting Undersecretary effective immediately, and Assistant Secretary David Sandalow has been chosen as his replacement.  Furthermore, Dr. Majumdar also announced that he will be resigning his role as Director of ARPA-E effective June 8, 2012, and ARPA-E Deputy Director Eric Toone will take over leadership of the organization.

Dr. Majumdar came to Washington, DC two and a half years ago tasked with setting up the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy, a new agency in the Department of Energy to fund projects that will develop transformational technologies that reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy imports; reduce US energy related emissions (including greenhouse gasses); improve energy efficiency across all sectors of the US economy and ensure that the US maintains its leadership in developing and deploying advanced energy technologies.

Dr. Majumdar has successfully accomplished the task put forth by the Obama Administration, to establish America’s first agency dedicated to catalyzing energy breakthroughs to secure America’s future.  With ARPA-E now in its third year and a solid leadership team in place, Dr. Majumdar feels that it is an appropriate time to step down to be with his family in California.  He will cherish the time he spent serving his country at ARPA-E and the Department of Energy and hopes that his work has helped lay the foundation for ARPA-E and America’s energy future.  He would like to thank the Obama Administration, Energy Secretary Chu and his colleagues at the Department of Energy and ARPA-E for their dedication, constant support and the enriching experience.