Federal Relations

September 9, 2011

President Obama Annouces $447 Billion American Jobs Act

Last night in a joint address to Congress, President Obama laid forth a $447 billion plan designed to put Americans back to work and jumpstart the struggling economy. The proposed package includes $245 billion in tax cuts, $140 billion in investments in infrastructure and local aid, and $62 billion in continued unemployment benefits. To ensure…

September 7, 2011

Congress Back in Session

Congress returns to work this week after a long August recess period.  Appropriations measures will move quickly over the next few weeks, and the deficit reduction committee will begin their work.  Adding to an already busy first week back, President Obama is scheduled to release a new jobs package during an address to a joint…

Early Details of Obama’s Jobs Package Released Ahead of Tomorrow’s Speech

In light of a stalled and bleak economic recovery, President Obama is set to annouce an aggressive “Jobs” proposal in a speech before Congress tomorrow evening. While officially unconfirmed by the White House, the package apparently contains approximately $300 billion worth of tax credits, school renovation projects, job training for the unemployed, and a program…

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