Federal Relations

February 21, 2011

House Passes Largely Symbolic FY11 Budget

Early Saturday morning, the House of Representatives passed a spending plan (H.R. 1) for the remainder of fiscal year 2011. The legislation would sharply reduce spending across the spectrum of government, including within research and student aid agencies. The measure passed despite unanimous Democratic opposition joined by three Republican votes against. The House vote sets up a budget showdown with the Senate and White House, which have already stated their opposition. Steps forward will need to take place by March 4th, when current funding for the government expires.

The House considered and adopted a number of amendments of interest:

  • #214:  John Kline (R-MN)—Prevents Education Department from implementing “Gainful Employment” regulation (289 to 136, 1 voted “present)
  • #267:  Steve King (R-IA)—Prohibits use of funds from CR to carry out provisions of the health care law.  There may be an impact on student aid provisions contained in the law (241 to 187)
  • #233:  Ralph Hall (R-TX)—Prohibits use of funds to establish a NOAA Climate Service (233 to 187)

Chairman’s Statement and Successful Amendments