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January 18, 2010

NSF Announces Oceans Sciences Education Competition

The National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences seeks to establish new and/or renewed Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) Centers in a network of coordinated centers that faciliate collaborations and communications between ocean science researchers and educators.  These Centers foster the integration of ocean research into high-quality educational materials, enable ocean researchers to gain a better understanding of educational organizations and pedagogy, provide educators with an enhanced capacity to understand and deliver high-quality educational programs in the ocean sciences, and provide material to the public that promotes a deeper understanding of the ocean and its influence on each person’s quality of life and our national prosperity.

Award Information

Anticipated Type of Award:  Standard Grant or Continuing Grant

Estimated Number of Awards:    7   awards in total: seven COSEE Centers for up to five years at a maximum of $530,000/year for the first year, increasing by up to $20,000/year up to $610,000/year, with a budget review after 3 years.

Anticipated Funding Amount:   $3,710,000  is the approximate total for the first year of all awards, pending availability of funds and quality of proposals.

Proposals due April 15th

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