Board Members

The Native American Advisory Board is made up of tribal representatives from tribal governments and Native American (American Indian/Alaska Native) organizations from around Washington State. Members serve by invitation from the Vice President for Minority Affairs & Vice Provost for Diversity, Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange. (All the federally recognized Washington State tribal governments receive updates and invitational announcements of the quarterly meetings.)

Native American staff and faculty at the University of Washington serve as “resource” to the NAAB.

Current board members:

  • Dr. Danelle Reed
  • Deborah Parker
  • Denny Hurtado
  • Earl Martin
  • John McCoy
  • Laverne Wise
  • Minty Long Earth
  • Patsy Whitefoot
  • Romayne Watt
  • RoseAnn Green
  • Sam Robinson
  • Willard Bill, Jr.

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