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Ujima Donalson

A Note from Ujima Donalson,
POD Director

At a time when we're all doing more with less, it's encouraging to see how committed leaders are to supporting the development of their staff members and teams. In fact, with current limitations on salary increases and other forms of recognition, many leaders across the University seem to be taking an even greater interest in training and organizational development than ever before.

I am inspired by those of you who, despite the challenges you and your department may face, have focused in on your employees' needs and goals and encouraged them to attend a class or sign up for online training, as well as by those who have planned a team retreat, secured funding for staff training, or approved use of your department's budget for coaching or career counseling for a valued employee. Read more

"The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it."
~ Elaine Agather

Consulting Alliance Roster Doubles
By Kim Delaney, Consultation Services Coordinator

This year's RFQQ process for the University Consulting Alliance created a virtual stampede, with an unprecedented number of external consultants applying to join the Alliance. Now that the dust has settled, POD anticipates adding more than two dozen new consultants to the Alliance. They will join POD's internal consultants—as well as other external consultants who have worked with the Alliance in recent years and were rescreened as part of the RFQQ process—to form a robust roster of more than sixty consultants.

The new consultants will deepen the field of available experts in the areas of process improvement, strategic planning, and leadership coaching and will provide our UW clients with more options when planning retreats, assessments, organizational changes, and other initiatives. Read more

“The real leader has no need to lead—he is content to point the way.”
~ Henry Miller

Leadership Interview

Earlier this year POD Director Ujima Donalson obtained her professional coaching certification. In the following interview, Ujima talks about her experiences with being coached, becoming certified as a coach, the coach's role as a partner, and the key to good coaching.

Have you ever received leadership coaching?

Yes. In fact, I'm still in touch with my first leadership coach and mentor to this day. Prior to my time here at the University, I received coaching at Bank of America as part of a mentoring program. Although it was a less formalized type of coaching, our mentors were very skilled at getting to know you and helping you understand how you are your own best answer. And that, honestly, is the key to a good coach.

More recently, I was coached as part of the certification program I attended. Not all programs have the same methodology, but with the Fowler-Wainwright model you're actively being coached as you're learning their approach. It's an experiential learning concept but at an especially intense and powerful level, where the practice and application are almost immediate. In that way, it was similar to real-life situations at work. As leaders, we often get thrown into the middle of things before we even know how to swim. We learn by doing. Read more

“There is no contest between the company that buys the grudging compliance of its work force and the company that enjoys the enterprising participation of its employees.”
~ Ricardo Sempler

Thorud Leadership Award Returns

After a one-year hiatus, the David B. Thorud Leadership Award has returned. Nominations for the award opened on October 20 and will close on December 2; the award is given to one faculty member and one staff member.

The awardee criteria aptly reflects the leadership qualities that are in demand in the current environment, including innovation, problem-solving ability, and listening skills. Also, according to the Thorud Leadership Award website, the award honors leaders who "demonstrate quality work," "respect the well-being of people in achieving large-scale goals," and "exhibit an openness to new ideas and partnerships."

“Lead and inspire people. Don't try to manage and manipulate people. Inventories can be managed but people must be led.”
~ Ross Perot

Leadership by the Book
Susan Templeton, Training & Organizational Development Consultant

Triple Impact Coaching: Use-of-Self in the Coaching Process by Beverly Patwell and Edith Whitfield Seashore, 2006

As leaders we have a triple impact. Not only do our actions impact our own success, but they also impact the success of our team and our organization. The most effective leaders are aware of how their beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, and actions impact interactions with others.

Triple Impact Coaching lays out the core principles of this approach and provides concepts, exercises, and tools for coaching others. These tools can be used for creating learning and development opportunities for yourself and your staff, as well as for managing performance. Read more

Motivating Employees

In this current environment, we too often see morale getting washed out to sea while burnout and dissatisfaction keep rolling on in. You can help turn the tide by adjusting your leadership approach to inspire greater follower-ship and motivate your employees.

POD's Motivating Employees course explores the principles of motivation, communicating expectations, and developing credibility and influence with your employees. This workshop can give leaders the tools and strategies they need to get their teams revved up and moving forward. Past participants of this class appreciated the roleplaying exercises, group discussion, and learning about individual reward styles, as well as the instructor's examples, practical suggestions, and delivery.

If you feel confident about your overall motivational skills and leadership approach, it's still important to be vigilant about keeping retention and morale high. Mindy Kornberg, Vice President for Human Resources, shares the following tips: Read more

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