Motivating Employees

In this current environment, we too often see morale getting washed out to sea while burnout and dissatisfaction keep rolling on in. You can help turn the tide by adjusting your leadership approach to inspire greater follower-ship and motivate your employees.

POD's Motivating Employees course explores the principles of motivation, communicating expectations, and developing credibility and influence with your employees. This workshop can give leaders the tools and strategies they need to get their teams revved up and moving forward. Past participants of this class appreciated the roleplaying exercises, group discussion, and learning about individual reward styles, as well as the instructor's examples, practical suggestions, and delivery.

If you feel confident about your overall motivational skills and leadership approach, it's still important to be vigilant about keeping retention and morale high. Mindy Kornberg, Vice President for Human Resources, shares the following tips:

Mindy advises managers to contact their organization’s assigned HR consultant with questions about state restrictions or staff retention issues, and encourages everyone to remember UW CareLink, which offers a wide range of free services for managing personal and family concerns.

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