Ujima Donalson

A Note from Ujima Donalson,
POD Director

At a time when we're all doing more with less, it's encouraging to see how committed leaders are to supporting the development of their staff members and teams. In fact, with current limitations on salary increases and other forms of recognition, many leaders across the University seem to be taking an even greater interest in training and organizational development than ever before.

I am inspired by those of you who, despite the challenges you and your department may face, have focused in on your employees' needs and goals and encouraged them to attend a class or sign up for online training, as well as by those who have planned a team retreat, secured funding for staff training, or approved use of your department's budget for coaching or career counseling for a valued employee.

Over the past few years, participation in our Certificate Program has been strong, especially with the Supervisory Skills Certificate. As you probably know, certificate completion provides the equivalent of six months of experience in a related job at the UW. By supporting an employee who's pursuing a certificate, you're giving them a development path to follow as well as the reward of extra experience on their résumé.

Our career counseling services have also been in high demand. We've seen departments providing career counseling for employees facing job loss or reduction. Also laudable is the number of departments paying for career counseling to help employees assess their strengths, chart their career path, and achieve greater satisfaction on the job.

I feel incredibly fortunate to work in an environment where lifelong learning is valued, and I am grateful that I and my team can play a part in fostering growth and positive change for so many at the UW.

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