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Photograph of Ujima Donalson

A Message from Ujima Donalson
Assistant Vice President,
Total Talent Management

As the University of Washington continues to evolve, so does the challenge of leadership. Spring is typically a time to turn our attention to what’s new; however, as the official start of spring approaches this year, my head is in a different place, and I get the sense many of my colleagues are in the same situation.

Much of our current leadership challenge is bridging the old and the new. Many of us are still trying to find our footing in the wake of change—and at the same time we know we are still facing some uncharted waters and also need to ensure that our staff feel supported. In the midst of these realities, we and our organizations are challenged to be agile, innovative, creative, and cutting edge. Read More

Photograph of Ujima Donalson

D.I.Y. Development: Leadership Advantage
Linda Callecod, Senior Consultant, Professional & Organizational Development

In my years as both a manager and an organizational development consultant, it’s become apparent to me that most leaders understand what leaders are supposed to do. They understand fundamental leadership concepts and can recite what others might need or expect of them. The problem for many, however, comes with finding the time and the tools to translate this understanding into concrete action.

As busy leaders, we don’t always have the bandwidth to attend an in-person training. Sometimes we need to get to the nuts and bolts of our learning quickly and on our own timeline. This is why I have encouraged so many of my clients to engage in self-directed learning using Leadership Advantage.
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Making Meetings Work: Tips for Productive, Participatory Meetings
Guila Muir, M.Ed., Guila Muir and Associates LLC

If you feel a slight chill of dread at the prospect of leading a meeting, you are not alone. Meetings have a bad reputation, for good reason. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, 71% of senior managers say meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Another study shows that the more meetings we attend, the worse we feel about ourselves and our jobs.

Why? Because most professionals haven’t learned the behaviors and skills of effective meeting facilitation and instead simply duplicate what they have seen other meeting leaders do. As a result, meeting members often feel bored, frustrated, and disengaged. Even if your own experience has been more positive, no doubt you have sat through meetings that accomplished little other than wasting your time. Read More

Photograph of Patricia Hughes

Changes to POD's Certificate Program
Ujima Donalson, Assistant Vice President, Total Talent Management

What does it take to achieve excellence? For those working in administrative positions across the University, a wide set of skills must be honed. These employees are often called upon to be generalists and specialists; a single individual might interact with customers, schedule meetings, and format a report while also being asked to lead a project team, initiate complex processes in Workday, or administer a federal grant.

With the implementation of Workday, as well as the increase in shared services across the University, we’re seeing fewer dedicated fiscal specialists and a greater need for those who can excel in multiple administrative and operational areas. In response to this shift, POD is retiring the Fiscal Management Certificate and introducing a certificate in Administrative Excellence.
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Photograph of Patricia Hughes

Fresh Offerings at the Spring Retreat
Gina Moore, Consulting Services Coordinator, Professional & Organizational Development

Having joined POD last spring, this will be my first time fully involved in the Support Professionals Spring Retreat, a phenomenal annual event now celebrating its fifteenth year. Relying on my colleagues’ input and tapping into new talent, I feel confident that this year’s event is full of fresh opportunities while maintaining the flavor and overall structure participants have come to know and love.

This one-day conference promotes on-the-job success and personal growth, with a special focus this year on resilience, adaptability, wellness, and transformation. Read more



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