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Photograph of Ujima Donalson

A Note from Ujima Donalson, POD Director

When I started at POD as a training and business development specialist in 2007, I felt excited to be entering higher ed and had goals for myself and my career, but my future path wasn't yet clear. Fast-forward to today and here I am, firmly rooted at the UW. Nearly everything about my role within POD has changed over the past eight years, but one key piece remains near and dear to me, which is facilitating the Strategic Leadership Program. Not only do I feel a kinship with many of our SLP participants because I myself know what it's like to be the new leader of an existing team here at the UW, it rejuvenates me to help leaders learn, discover, and grow. Read More

"Even five years later, SLP sticks in my mind for its lessons and thoughtful organization. The most powerful insight still is the challenge of clearly communicating vertically, both up and down the hierarchy, how a leader’s attention is pulled in many directions while a colleague two levels away feels neglected and confused. It underscores how intentional a leader must be in clarifying their thinking, involving others, and paying attention to individuals. SLP reinforces that leadership is learnable and takes many small, deliberate acts to come to life." ~ Richard Wilkinson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Organizational Effectiveness & Development, UW Tacoma (2010 SLP Grad)

Photograph of Jennifer Buck

My SLP Toolkit
Jennifer Buck, SPHR, Director of Human Resources, UW Educational Outreach

I took SLP in 2010, when I was new to the UW and had only a few years of supervisory experience, and the workshop material continues to be a tremendous support to me today. In fact, some models and tools resonated so strongly with me and have such practical application, my colleagues have become quite used to my literally pulling out a page from my SLP playbook—or, in this case, a worksheet or diagram from my SLP binder—to aid in problem-solving, coaching, and other areas. Read More

Photograph of Kelsey Bannon

SLP as an Organizational Asset
Kelsey Bannon, Assistant Director, Project Development and Implementation, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

What motivates me as a leader is being able to help people work as efficiently, as happily, and as fulfilled as possible in achieving the mission of the Institute, and, to that end, SLP has been a tremendous asset. When I joined IHME’s Strategy Team six years ago, it was as one of three or four project officers. We now have more than 15 project officers, and the Strategy Team has grown to over 60 people that pride ourselves on pulling all the moving pieces together, communicating effectively, drawing different audiences in, and making sure the work of the Institute continues through rapid and creative problem solving. Read More

SLP by the Numbers Infographic

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Next-Level Leadership Development
Ujima Donalson, POD Director

While Level 1 of the Strategic Leadership Program remains essential for leaders new to supervising or to the UW, seasoned leaders face challenges and opportunities that require a much deeper skillset. In recent years POD has expanded offerings that build upon the core teachings of SLP and foster advanced leadership development, and hundreds of you have called upon our leadership coaching, 360-degree assessments, and other consulting services or have participated in Level 2 of the Strategic Leadership Program through the Leadership Agility Series.

Your engagement with these programs and services has shown the strong need and desire for development that exists at this level, both among SLP graduates and those in the upper echelons. This winter, we're adding Core Strengths Accountability to the suite of SLP Level 2 offerings, which you can learn more about at the POD Leadership Preview, a complimentary event for UW leaders on January 7, 2016. Read More

"One thing that sticks with me from SLP is an exercise in getting other people to help me with a task. The exercise demonstrated how much faster people can help if I tell them the final goal and don't just ask them to do some of the steps that I think need doing. More than a decade later, this still resonates with me. When I remember to let people know the goal, they can often help reach it faster, and even come up with ways to reach it that I don't know." ~ David Miles, Administrator, Department of French and Italian Studies (2002 SLP Grad)

Photograph of Sherry Steinaway

Transforming How We Work Together: Seven Steps for Implementing Change
Sherry Steinaway, Director, Organizational Excellence and HRP Modernization Program

As responsible stewards of the State of Washington's resources, we need to consistently review the way we work to ensure we are doing the most good with what we have available to us. That includes ensuring that our processes and our technology work in tandem, avoiding redundancies and added work, so that UW’s efforts can be directed toward the preservation, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge.

Since 2011, the University has been working toward the replacement of the existing Payroll system, HEPPs, under the HR/Payroll Modernization initiative. This fall, the HR/P efforts previously operating as separate projects have been combined under one program, the HR/Payroll Modernization program, which now uses a scalable and repeatable integrated change management process. Read More

Thorud Leadership Award Nominations: Extended Until Dec. 18

Nominations for the David B. Thorud Leadership Award will remain open through Friday, December 18. Consider nominating a colleague for this prestigious honor on the Thorud Leadership Award site. Award recipients are inspirational leaders who set an exceptional example in their approach to teamwork and in achieving large-scale goals. Recipients will be awarded $2,500 and recognized at the University's Annual Awards of Excellence ceremony.

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