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FASTRANS Create Format Name Transfer Submit


File Transfer Process

The file transfer process involves the following steps:


flowchart of fastrans transfer
  1. Save the File
    Save the information you've entered into a spreadsheet or database as an ASCII text file (usually with a .PRN extension)

  2. Transfer the File
    Use a File Transfer program (WS-FTP, Fetch or other)
    Transfer the text file to
    Transfer the file(s) in ASCII FORMAT
    Quit the File Transfer program

  3. Rename the .PRN text file
    Follow the naming convention Faammdds.ISD
    Always use all UPPER case or all lower case letters - no mixed cases

  4. Connect to
    Logon to (HOST NAME)
    Automatic Detect (HOST TYPE)
    UserID: (fastrans userid - usually the same as UWNETID)
    Password: (fastrans password)
    Select the correct fastrans directory (2 character-originating area code)
    Some departments have multiple directories for various accounts.

  5. Select "Yes" to submit the entries. An email confirmation will be generated.

FASTRANS Create Format Name Transfer Submit