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FASTRANS Create Format Name Transfer Submit


Submit the File to the Financial Accounting System

Now that you've transferred the file and exited from the File Transfer program, submit the file.

The submission process:

You can choose to have an email message sent to you when the submission is successfully made.

When a batch of transactions are successfully submitted, they will be fully edited and posted to FAS during the next nightly update (in most cases).

To submit the file:

  1. Connect to using SecureCRT, your userid and password for FASTRANS
                                FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM
                  Electronic Transfer of Financial Transactions FASTRANS
                        < S >ubmit file to FAS directory
                        < F >ile Menu (Directory, Remove, Rename)
                        < J >ournal of Activities
                        < U >tility Menu
                        < H >ELP
                        < E >xit or Quit
                        < L >ogout
                 Enter your choice below and press the RETURN key
  2. Enter "S" and press the RETURN key.
  3. Review your directory. A prompt will be displayed, for example:
    Do you want to submit file F0411031.ISD ? Please enter Y(Yes) or N(No).

    If "N" (no) that file will be skipped, and you will see the following message:

    Abandoning submission of file F0411031.ISD and continuing

During the submission process, basic file edits will be performed. These include:

The Submit process continues until all potential files have been processed, then displays the following completion informational message.

Submissions Completed
Press RETURN key to continue ...

After pressing the return key the Main Menu is displayed and other functions may be selected.

FASTRANS Create Format Name Transfer Submit